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MONDOVISIONI – Internazionale’s Documentaries > February / April 2016

Six documentaries on international current affairs and human rights. Screenings from February to April 2016

Fourth Edition (2015/2016)

In collaboration with CineAgenzia

Hosted by Cinema Europa


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The Internazionale documentary festival Mondovisioni returns to Bologna for its fourth year, thanks to the collaboration between Kinodromo and Sfera Cubica, which is bringing 6 of the most interesting films of the world documentary scene, in collaboration with CineAgenzia.

The documentaries were presented at the Internazionale Festival in Ferrara, a preview for Italy, and then suggested for a tour throughout the year in many cities in the north and south of the country, including our Bologna.


The screenings will be held in Bologna from February 2016 to April 2016 twice a month (all Tuesdays, with the exception of Monday 29/02) at Kinodromo, Cinema Europa (via Pietralata 55/A). It’ll be an important moment to define the idea of what we mean by current affairs through images of the present, shadows of the past and visions of the future.

Screenings will be held at 9:15pm, the Cinema will open for an aperitivo in the foyer at 8pm.

After the great turnout in 2015, also this year a Mondovisioni all inclusive ticket is available for those who want to attend various screenings: 5 films for 25€.



The collaboration between Kinodromo and Sfera Cubica has proved successful and creative, so we decided to further widen the municipal network through which Mondovisioni found its space in the city. The two organisations are united yet different: the Kinodromo project at Cinema Europa was born in 2012 to offer viewers a new film programme, art films, good quality cinema, both international and local, independent films, documentaries, etc. Sfera Cubica is a fluid network of professionals within the cinema industry and the cultural sector, creative and dynamic in the press, and promotion and organisation of events. It has renewed its support to the Municipality of Bologna and the Saragozza District.

Many partners will help in the organisation to contextualise and promote the documentaries’ sensitive and often complex issues in the territory, with their insights and their experience in the area. Among these partners are Amnesty International, Cefa Onlus, Civico 32, Coordinamento Eritrea Democratica, Comunicattive, Error Day, GVC – Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (Civil Volunteer Group), Collettivo Autori Indipendenti, Radio Città del Capo, Terra di Tutti Film Festival, The Bottom UP, Associazione YODA, Zero and many others are giving their support.

For more information:

Ufficio Stampa Sfera Cubica

339 / 8145712

FB MondovisioniBO




Cartel LandMartedì 16 February / Active citizenship “CARTEL LAND”
by Matthew Neineman (Mexico/USA 2015, 98′)

In Mexico, the doctor José Mireles commands the uprising against the Knights Templar drug cartel. Meanwhile, along the Altar valley in Arizona, Tim “Nailer” Foley, a US veteran, is the head of the Arizona Border Recon, to prevent the war between Mexican drug traffickers from crossing the border. When the government is not able to protect people from criminal organisations, individual citizens take care of it.

TerrorMonday 29th February / Privacy and Control (T)ERROR by Lyric R. Cabral and David Felix Sutcliffe (United States 2015, 93’)

Filmed over the course of two years, this behind-the-scenes story follows an undercover FBI agent who negotiates the fragile boundaries between crime prevention and development. For more than 20 years he has infiltrated himself into terrorist networks and has befriended those suspected of taking part. An attempt to bring light to America’s obsession on surveillance today and to respond to the unnerving question: who controls who controls us?

Voyage_en_barbarieTuesday 15th March / Migration VOYAGE EN BARBARIE by Cécile Allegra and Delphine Deloget (France 2014, 72’)

Sinai has become the scene of the true slave trade: since 2009, 50,000 Eriteans have passed through here, but 10,000 of them never made it out the other side. Young people from good Christian families, fleeing a dictatorship, were kidnapped while driving towards Sudan and tortured by Bedouins for ransom from their families. Three supervisors reveal a series of events hidden by silence; another of the endless tragedies of broken migration.

Life is sacred_posterTuesday 29th March / The Americas and The Drug Trade LIFE IS SACRED by Andreas M. Dalsgaard (Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Colombia 2014, 104’)

Colombia is notorious for the stories of drug traffickers, paramilitaries and corruption. However, the country has another side, that of those who work hard and fight for a true democracy. Antanas Mockus, an eccentric leader who shamelessly uses mimics, make up, flash mobs and superhero costumes, has declared war against injustice and violence, and is discovering how difficult it is to change a society deeply contaminated by illegality.



The_Chinese_MayorTuesday 12th April / China THE CHINESE MAYOR by Zhou Hao (China, 2015, 86’)

Once the flourishing capital of Imperial China, the city of Datong today is practically in ruins. The syndicate Geng Yanbo is determined to reverse the damage and has ambitious plans to restore the city to it’s former glory. But demolishing thousands of homes and transferring half a million people comes at a high price. The potential success depends on his ability to keep angry citizens and an elite party, disturbed by his ambition, at bay.


We_Are_VERTICALETuesday 26th April/ Iran WE ARE JOURNALISTS by Ahmad Jalali Farahani (Denmark/Iran 2014, 85’)

Ahmad Jalali Farahani is an Iranian journalist, forced into exile by his country. This film reveals both his personal suffering in the tireless fight for freedom of expression in Iran, and the suffering of others around him. Many of his colleagues have lost jobs after their newspapers have been closed down, while many others in forced exile continue to fight for freedom and democracy in their country.


Where: Europa Cinema, Via Pietralata 55, Bologna.

Prices: 8€ – single viewing without member’s discount 6€ – single viewing with Kinodromo or AICS membership 25€ – “season ticket” for all 6 films