TRANSGRESSING NIGHT con PAN PLAY DECADENCE di Giovanni Aloi > Venerdì 6 dicembre 2013

Una serata in cui le le barriere tra pubblico e privato vengono distrutte. Azioni, solo azioni. Quelle vere.

Saranno presenti in sala i protagonisti del film e il produttore Carlo Valentine.

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Ore 20.15 – 21.30 – 22.45 Proiezione (Ita, 2013, VM 18)

Se la trasgressione nasce e vive nell’ombra, nell’epoca in cui tutto è visione e niente più è borderline, quale significato assume la parola “Transgressing”? Panplay è un film al limite. Un film dove ogni cosa viene mostrata realmente per quello che è. Non c’è finzione, non c’è inganno. Ognuno è libero di interpretare quello che vede. Perché il senso delle cose -o la sua mancanza- è strettamente collegato al declino umano ed economico dei nostri tempi.


Everything you’ll see is REAL:

ACTION, only actions. TRUE ones. All the characters in this movie are aware and conscious of showing themselves for who they are. All barriers between public and private are DESTROYED. I an AGE of economic and humanitarian decline – a decline that brings at the same time new questions of MEANING – several faces get closer to us. Painfully, sweetly, consciously human. A living FRESCO of an era that knows how to exhibit but doesn’t permit to be decoded.
The project develops between spring and winter, and rejoins the spring time again. The cyclicity marks the lives of the characters too: from order to disorder, from GOOD to EVIL and the opposite, and everything else the society defines with those adjectives. It’s about their histories affecting these PLACES and TIMES. If transgression can be called that as long as it hides in the shadow, what is the meaning of “transgressing” nowadays, in a age where everything is visible?

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‘Pan Play Decadence’ tells the story of the poignant lives of people united by their passion for ‘transgression’. Felico, a hockey champ in a wheelchair, Kraian, a school teacher fond of S & M, Federicona, a romantic fifty year old transsexual that works in the streets, still in love with the man with whom she was engaged to twenty years ago. These are just some of the stories that intersect in this living fresco: ‘Pan Play Decadence’ is a film in the making, a document of a contemporary world, ranging from little-known instances of collective and individual needs, the search for touching paths of intimate salvation.


DOVE: Kinodromo @ Europa Cinema, via Pietralata 55, Bologna

QUANDO: Venerdì 6 dicenbre 2013, ore 19.30 Aperitivo / Proiezioni dalle ore 20.15

COSTO: proiezioni 8 euro per i possessori della nuova tessera Kinodromo, che costa 3 euro e si può fare direttamente al cinema.

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